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IPC provides an experienced team to every project.

IPC addresses the technology needs of today’s most successful corporations and businesses. We have been creating innovative solutions since 1989 using state-of-the-art technology, experience, superior products, and excellent people. We are dedicated to solving our customers’ problems and fulfilling their IT needs. IPC is your next, long term, software development and support partner.

IPC has successfully navigated the evolution of business and technology for more than three decades. As a direct result of our experience, our clients have been successful too. We have developed custom solutions for our Partners to provide them with a "business edge" over their competitors. 

Our proprietary products include:  Contract Management, an internet/intranet based system which provides solutions for managing corporate contracts; BPMOnline, an internet/intranet based solution for Business Process Management,our Sports Administration solution Omni Sports Management and Reminders-Plus, the ultimate in contact management.

IPC is not an average IT/Software Development/Support company. We consider ourselves a customer service company that uses technology to achieve successful relationships with our client partners. Whenever solutions are needed, an experienced IPC team responds with excellent customer service by utilizing software development, ongoing support and consultation services that help our client partners succeed.

IPC provides service to multiple industries, partnering with clients that include Fortune 500 companies and a neighborhood consignment store. At IPC our client partners come first, no matter what size.


Business Solutions Using Technology

IPC helps organizations succeed by offering core services, that are enabled by world class proprietary systems. 

Software Development and Support

IPC has a proven track record in the development of custom applications for corporations and businesses burdened with maintaining outdated technology. IPC client partners find that the money invested in the development of a custom application is quickly recovered, and the boost in productivity and efficiency from the new application is an ongoing benefit to their bottom line. 

Our developments have longevity. We have systems that are over 20 years old that are still used, maintained and enhanced. Why, because we know how to design and develop systems. We use standard Microsoft programming technologies enhanced with third party controls such as (Progress/Telerik). Our programming is done with strict programming standards which allow and facilitate program enhancement in the future.


IPC also provides ad hoc programming services for small projects with experience in several industries such as healthcare, banking, retail, project management, IT management, sports management, call centers and customer service. 

Software Products

IPC offers several proprietary products to several industries. Each product provides core functionality to enable and expand the business goals of every client partner. Please review our product offerings. Most are available under a SaaS model.

What's New?

Mobile Apps! 

IPC can develop mobile apps that integrate into your existing systems.These apps are targeted for Android and Apple smartphones. We use a proprietary design that enables us to easily and quickly enhance the functionality of our Phone Apps.



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Support Center

 Have a question? Need product support? Call 1-800-IPC-3427 or email us at

Building Solutions

All IPC product development, product support and custom development is done in the United States. You do not have to worry about communication issues, poorly maintained code, accessing a developer or other challenges associated with offshore development. 



IPC provides all client partners with hosted and onsite solutions powered by IPC proprietary software systems. To learn more about our products please visit the products menu at the top of this web page.